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Service is what were all about! Our sole focus is the highest quality major appliance service available today.

That’s is why our slogan since 1998 has been "You Own The Best, Now Call The Best!"® A slogan so important it’s a registered trade mark! We mean what we say, if you have spent your hard earned money on one of the premium quality Brands that we service, why trust just anyone to service it? Furthermore, we are a small family business, there’s no bureaucracy here when you call for service you don’t need to navigate a complex menu of phone options; we usually live answer even after hours and weekends. Sub-Zero Group, INC. has moved to a very corporate regional service center provider model which directs most if not all service calls to distant large service department. We can provide a much higher quality of service much more quickly in almost every case and usually for less money. Unlike the large corporate service department, we don’t send our technicians out with a large list of service calls over a large territory. Doing this means you don’t get the time you deserve as the technician is under tremendous pressure to finish all his calls for that day. We book no more than 5 service calls per technician per day to allow for actually repairing your major appliance. Many times a large sealed system repair is diagnosed and completed the same day saving you time and money on spoiled food. Sub-Zero Group INC. uses a slogan "Service of the Future"® well, let me tell you, we proudly advertise we are family to family service; the service of the past!

Refrigerators and Freezers

Next to your home heating system, the refrigerator and freezer are the most important appliances in your home. In fact, the refrigerator and freezer are the most used and most reliable appliances in your home. A heating system though crucial in the winter is dormant much of the year. Your refrigerator and freezer are always on duty 24-7 in fact, no other machine that you own gives you more service for the price you paid no matter the brand or cost. When a refrigerator or freezer malfunctions it can be a crises under certain circumstances. Were here for you weather you want general maintenance or you have an emergency with the freezer warming up. We Service only the best brands of refrigerators and freezers. We were exclusively Sub-Zero for 18-years and have many parts in stock. We can service your Sub-Zero, Marvel under counter, Miele, Bluestar and True brand machines.

Ranges, Cooktops & Ovens

Your cooking appliances are crucial to your family and if you enjoy cooking they can be masterpieces. We specialize in Wolf cooking appliances and we can also service the Wolf-Gourmet legacy ranges. We stock a large inventory of Wolf parts so in most cases your problem will be repaired the same day. We can service Viking Gas Ranges and we service all Miele, Bluestar, Capital and American Range brand cooking appliances. Don’t live with poor performance or poor baking results, call today for service.


We service all Miele and Asko dishwashers. The dishwasher is not only a great labor saving device but also a great energy saver as compared to doing dishes by hand and much more sanitary. You should not have to pre-rinse your dishes, if you do something is wrong. If a machine is properly loaded, properly installed and a good detergent is used you should be able to load heavily soiled dishes after a simply scrap off of any solids into the garbage pale. Many Miele dishwashers have built in water softeners which when properly commissioned do a magnificent job washing dishes leaving glassware sparkling. If your dishwasher is not cleaning properly, noisy or leaking call us today. We can also do a general inspection of the machine, the installation and check the programing to make sure its optimal.

Washers and Dryers

Your washer and dryer though usually not seen or thought about much are crucial to your daily life. Its amazing just how much dirty laundry a family can generate in a week. Should a washer or dryer fail, you could soon be facing a mountain of dirty clothes. We service Miele and Asko washers and dryers. Don’t live with a leaking washer, or a poorly performing dryer, let us get your machines in perfect working order.

Ice Machines

A freestanding ice machine is a marvel of innovation and produces crystal clear bar style ice cubes. There are many different designs of ice machine on the market today. We specialize in Sub-Zero, Marvel and Scotsman ice machines but we service many other brands of ice machine. Weather your machine makes small square cubes and large round shot glass style cubes we can provide regular maintenance or repair an inoperative machine.

Wine Coolers

Wine Coolers or Wine Storage as Sub-Zero refers to them are specially designed machines that unlike a refrigerator which cools and dehydrates, Wine Storage machines cool without excessive dehydration thus preserving the corks. A wine Storage machine is more complex than a refrigerator and has special features designed to protect the wine. Unlike a refrigerator or freezer which will continue to run weather or not they are cooling properly, a wine storage will shut down and flash "Service" with the interior lights off should it exceed a boundary established by the control that would damage the wine. These machines need special care and you should not trust them to just any appliance repair technician. We are experts in Sub-Zero Wine Storage machines and can also service Marvel, True, Miele and Scotsman wine coolers.

You Own the Best, Now Call the Best

Joseph Cote & Company, LLC has been providing expert major appliance repairs since 1992 and is the premier service company in Fairfield County CT. We provide service in Fairfield and Litchfield Counties in CT and Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties in NY. We only service the best brands of major appliances providing a higher level of service for a more demanding customer. Get the service that you deserve, call us today!

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