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Joseph Cote & Company, LLC. Joseph Cote & Company, LLC. is simply the best choice you can make to service your Premier appliance, like our slogan says “You Own The Best, Now Call The Best!“® Call Today!

Here is what some of our clients had to say

“I called with the kind of problem (ice maker broken) that led me to expect an expensive service call. They were kind enough to guide me through a reset of our Sub Zero to make the ice maker happy. Nice that someone is a true customer advocate out there in home service land. Thank you Joseph Cote & Co.!“

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Ken L. of Norwalk

“Great, consistent service. Always seems to be focused on the lowest-cost option for a repair and has my best interests in mind. We had some parts replaced on the stove a week ago, and yesterday he came by for a small fix to the refrigerator and didn't charge us for the trouble. Highly recommended, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.“

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John B. of Ridgefield

“Super big Facebook like....Joseph Cote & Company...we all have or need our appliances...troubleshooting or buying new....check them out !!!“

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Vincent Mastrocchio

“If you need subzero or wolf... this is your guy! He is so courteous and dependable, I wish more business operated as professional as Joe does! Thanks for being there Joe!!“

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David Simso

“Responsive to my need for urgent refrigerator repairs: Sub Zero evaporator in stock and made repair within 24 hours. Good advise, knowledgeable and efficient. Do not recommend calling anyone except a Sub Zero certified repair service as you can plan on a week or two to get a repair if you don't and you get bad advice from the other services. Fortunately I knew enough about refrigeration to avoid making a bad decision with the other guy.”

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“Joseph came out to fix my Blue Star range. What a professional, super guy. I felt comfortable having him in my home, and he was a font of knowledge about my BlueStar. He adjusted things I hadn't even noticed were off. I've had another company out to fix the same range in the past--took them several trips, they didn't listen to what was actually wrong, and it cost me a small fortune. I will only call Joseph Cote in the future. I just wish he serviced some of the other brands I have, but I understand he's a specialist.“

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Valerie G.

“I feel very fortunate to have met Joe and to have found his company. His work is impeccable and meticulous and he clearly has many years of experience under his belt working on high-end appliances. I live in New Jersey and was able to get Joe to come to my home and rebuild my subzero fridge that died after 10 years. My options were to spend about four times the cost of Joe's repair to buy a new subzero or rebuild the one I have to absolute perfect and new condition with all new parts. Joe spent a half day at my home doing this work and to watch him in action reinforces my decision. He's methodical and a perfectionist at what he does. We are now three weeks into this rebuild and our fridge works perfectly. Thank you Joe.“

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Thomas M. of Chatham

“I called this company when my Subzero freezer died in a vacation house that we are only at on the weekends, so it was imperative for me to get this fixed on the weekend. I called another company first and waited all day on Saturday for them to come and they didn't show up or call. I emailed Joseph Cote and Company very early Sunday morning, and in a few hours he called and said he could come that day. We were impressed by his extensive expertise and knowledge of Subzero products and carefully explained the issues we were having and fixed the freezer promptly. I will call Joe for any of my appliance repairs going forward and wholeheartedly recommend him.“

Posted By
Stacey C. of Chappacua

"THANK YOU!! Thank you for sending Joe Cote to service the oven. He was professional, knowledgeable and just a nice guy!!!! I had confidence in his ability to fix what was wrong!!! Thank you for your professionalism!!!!!! You answered my e-mails in a timely manner and your follow through- PERFECT !!!!!!THANK YOU!!!"

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